Codo's History

Codo was born in April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Our Laser Tag facilities in Alberta, Canada (Laser City) were required to close in mid-March, and we wanted to be able to provide something useful to our customers and their families. 

Parents were telling us how their kids were having a real hard time being stuck at home and were missing out on socialization and contact with other kids. Luckily for us, we’d recently launched our (in-person) Minecraft Day Camps, so we decided to try and re-purpose those for an online product.

A few weeks later, after many tests and experiments, we launched Codo with just 2 virtual Minecraft Camps (creative and survival mode). Initially most of our users were Laser City customers, but as word spread, we quickly started to have campers join us from all over North America!

We now have a wide selection of camps, after-school clubs and birthday parties for Minecraft, Roblox and Among Us. New topics and formats are in the works (and we’d love to hear your ideas!). 

If you have any questions, please reach out – we’re here to help you and your family with the unique problems that a global pandemic has caused!

Common Questions

Who’s behind Codo?
Codo is owned by FunEx Inc, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
We also own Laser City laser tag facilities in Edmonton and Calgary.
We’re a small team of awesome people (in our humble opinion…) who are dedicated to delivering Fun Experiences (hence the name!)

Where are you based?
Our head office is in South Edmonton (5104 67 Ave).

How do I contact you?
However you’d like! Call us at 780-800-2324, email us at hello@codo.ca, chat to us with the chat in the bottom right, or send care packages to 5104 67 Ave, Edmonton, AB.
We’re very friendly people, so get in touch!

Is this all legit and real?
100% legit and real, don’t worry. We’re a real business, been around for many years. While the whole online “thing” is quite new (since the pandemic), we’re not new. 
We usually host thousands of birthday parties every year in our facilities. But since April 2020 we’ve instead hosted thousands of kids in our online Camps, Clubs and Parties. 
We’ve got tons of very happy repeat customers!

Is it safe for my kids?
Safety is our top priority, and one of the main reasons we exist. 
Our Camps, Clubs and Parties are all private, secure, supervised and safe. We only play on private servers (no random people around) and carefully chosen games that are age appropriate. 
A supervisor monitors every session, plus they’re all securely recorded.
Our Hosts are all experienced and competent adults (aged 18+) who understand the trust that parents are putting in thm.

Will you help me if I have problems?
Absolutely. We’re here to help you get everything setup technology wise, plus answer any questions you or your kids may have. 
We’re basically experts at all things Minecraft, Roblox and Among Us now!

Who runs the Camps, Clubs and Parties?
They’re all run by our awesome Codo Hosts. 
Part aspirational role model, part older cousin, part cool teacher.
They’re all experienced, vetted and supervised. They’re also all adults – no high-schoolers here.

I have more questions!
That’s to be expected – this whole thing is super new and can be intimidating/confusing/scary/exciting! 
Browse our website and then get in touch – we’d love to help you out

Laser Tag in Alberta, Canada

About Laser City

With locations in Edmonton and Calgary, Laser City provide Laser Tag and Mini Paintball for Birthday Parties, Social Events and more!

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