Birthday coming up?

Want to keep everyone safe while still having a great time?

Book a Roblox, Among Us or Minecraft Online Birthday Party!

  • $169.99 + tax
  • 2.5 hours long
  • Up to 10 kids (inc Birthday kid)
  • Hosted by an experienced Codo Host
  • Roblox, Among Us or Minecraft Theme
  • Private and Secure (only your group!)

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Looking for a date not listed? No problem!

Saturday’s and Sunday’s are available to be booked online. But if you’re looking for a different day, a different time, or a day faaaaaarrrrr in the future, just let us know!

Virtual Party FAQs

How long is the party?
Each party is 2.5 hours long and includes super fun activities in your choice of Minecraft, Roblox or Among Us. We also do a fun Foodle (a creative food doodle!), and of course we sing Happy Birthday for our guest of honour!  

How many people can I invite?
10 players (including the Birthday Kid) are included in your party. For Roblox and Minecraft, you can add a few more for $16.99 each. 
(See the Minecraft details below if you have Switch/Xbox/Playstation players)

Among Us is limited to 9 (including the birthday person), as the 10th player has to be the Codo Host who runs your party.
What’s the booking process?
For Saturday and Sunday parties, you can see the available times and book online above.
If you want a different day or time, just use the form to let us know.
We’ll send you all the details and get you all the information you need prior to your party.
Who is counted as guests?
We count guests as each person who will be playing the games on our private and secure server with us! 
What do I get for $169.99?
For $169.99 you are able to invite 10 players (including the birthday person) for a host led 2.5 hour party filled with either Minecraft, Among Us or Roblox games, a foodle (a quick, creative break where we do a food related doodle), and the classic singing of Happy Birthday!
Can we request specific Roblox Games?
Yes, but… we’ll do our best, but not every game is suitable or works for parties. Some have limits on how many people can play, etc. 
If you have a specific game that *has* to be played, please reach out to us before booking so we can confirm.
What kind of technology do my guests need?
The first 30 minutes of the party will be dedicated to make sure all the guests are connected and working. Please ensure that all guests perform the tech check prior to the party so they have more play time!
See below for the specific requirements for each game
  • A PC, Mac or Chromebook with a webcam for Codo Basecamp (Our video chat system)
  • The device they play Roblox or on (Computer, Phone, or Tablet)
  • Roblox installed on that device (it’s free)
  • Headphones/Headset (not required, but highly recommended)
  • A PC, Mac or Chromebook with a webcam for Codo Basecamp (Our video chat system)
  • The device they play Among Us or on (Computer, Phone, or Tablet)
  • Among Us installed on that device (it’s free)
  • Headphones/Headset (not required, but highly recommended)
Codo Minecraft Logo 250x200
  • A PC, Mac or Chromebook with a webcam for Codo Basecamp (Our video chat system)
  • The device they play Minecraft or on (Computer, Phone, or Tablet)
  • Minecraft installed on that device
  • Headphones/Headset (not required, but highly recommended)

Switch, Xbox & PlayStation
Unfortunately we’re not able to support players using consoles such as Switch’s, Xbox’s or PlayStation’s. They don’t support an important feature we need.
If you have guests who use these devices, we suggest you tell them to get Minecraft on a phone or iPad (it’s only $7) and use that for the party!

Real Message From Parents

Thank you so much for hosting the party this morning. Lyla had a blast (her bucket is full ❤️) and all of the feedback has been wonderful. The kids all had a blast! It was such a great party, especially in these crazy times!

Thanks again!

Thank you so much!!! It was such a great party and the kids had so much fun.

Host was amazing!!!  So patient with the kids, overall 10 out of 10!


Sylas told me this was his best birthday party! Thank you for that! He really did have a good time. We really appreciate you and ask your helper Codo host, we think you are all great!


About Our Hosts

It takes a special kind of person to be a great Codo Host. Luckily for us, we’ve got lots of them!

Our Instructors all come from Laser City (our laser tag facilities in Alberta), so are already awesome at working with kids.

‍They’re all adults (no high schoolers) and take pride in making sure your kids are safe, learning and having fun.

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