Enter your Codo Code and press Let’s Go!

Codo Code Help
To access your Camp, Club or Party, you’ll need a Codo Code.

This is a short set of letters that is unique to you, and kind of acts as your “key” to allow you access.

Don’t have a Codo Code?
If you booked a Camp, check your email, as you will be be sent the code soon.

Codo Codes are sent to you manually by one of our staff. If you only just purchased a spot, you might not have been sent your code yet. If your camp isn’t right away, just hold tight, you’ll get it soon. If it’s right away, use the chat or call us at 780-800-2324 and we’ll get you sorted!

If you’ve been invited to a Party, the organizer should have provided you with a Codo Code – check with them!