We're currently not running Week-Long Camps

BUT, we do have Weekly After-School Clubs!

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Minecraft Programs

Choose either a Creative Class (where players can build anything they'd like without worrying about dying)
or a Survival Class (where you've got to play smart to avoid the Mobs ruining your day)  

5 Day Minecraft Camp - Creative Mode - Level 1

Learn the basics of Creative Minecraft with themed days (Castles, Theme Parks, etc)

5 Day Minecraft Camp - Creative Mode - Level 2

Time to master the more advanced features of Creative Minecraft, including using Redstone functions

5 Day Minecraft Camp - Survival Mode - Level 1

Just getting started with Survival Minecraft? Learn the basics of surviving the night and crafting with recipes

5 Day Minecraft Camp - Survival Mode - Level 2

Already a Survival pro? Join us as we build portals to enter The Nether Realm and The End

Roblox Programs

It’s Roblox time! This class is perfect for the kiddo in your life who won’t stop talking about Roblox. 

Kids will play a variety of engaging games every day in this jam-packed Roblox camp. One of our Codo hosts will introduce the game, go over the instructions on how to play and rules for each game. Then the kids will jump onto a Private Roblox Service and play as a group.  

5 Day Roblox Camp

Free Time For Parents

Get a predictable 2 hours a day where a Codo Host will Supervise and Entertain your kid

Positive Role Models

Our Hosts are the kind of people kids look up to and respect


Socialize with other kids in a safe and controlled environment, developing important skills

Private & Secure

Play on a Private Server with just your fellow campers and your 

Supervised & Structured

One of our Vetted and Experienced Hosts will be there the whole time with the kids

Small Groups

Up to 6 kids are in each camp, led by a dedicated Codo Host

About Our Hosts

Vetted and Supervised

Positive Role Models

Adults (aged 18+)

Awesome With Kids

Based in Alberta, Canada

It takes a special kind of person to be a great Codo Host. Luckily for us, we’ve got lots of them!

Our Instructors all come from Laser City (our laser tag facilities in Alberta), so are already awesome at working with kids.

They’re all adults (no high schoolers) and take pride in making sure your kids are safe, learning and having fun.